Design office

Marbacad software. Zund cutter, 120 x 160. Prototype cutting. Forms management, Read more

Prepress CAP

Two Mac CAP stations. CTP. Ciplink. X-Rite Station. Processless plate technology, Read more


Two KBA Rapida 106 offset machines provide a capacity of 35,000 sheets/hour, Read more


Three Bobst machines – three high-speed lines with blanking – 250,000 cartons/hour, Read more

Folding – Gluing

Three Bobst lines with automated packing bring capacity to 250,000 cartons/hour, Read more

F.P. PACK video tour

Founded in 2002, F.P. PACK manufactures boxes and folding cartons, and converts flat cartons. F.P. PACK designs, prints, cuts, folds and glues packaging for food, pest control, health, and hygiene products destined for large-scale distribution. F.P. PACK is located in Auxerre, exit 19 of route A6, one hour and 30 minutes from Paris. The company occupies more than 5000 m², and offers the best available technology for design and manufacture of compact carton packaging.
Currently, more than 10,000 tonnes of cartons are converted every year at this location. F.P. PACK’s core values are innovation, quality, speed, and respect for the environment.
F.P. PACK’s teams understand the issues associated with marketing packages designed and manufactured on our production lines. Every package is designed taking into account its individual purpose and target.

Welcome to F.P. PACK