2014 Imprim’ Vert (Green Printing) Certification

Certification Imprim' Vert 2014

A business focused on environmental responsibility.

Since 2008, F.P. PACK has been Imprim’ Vert certified. This certification is the culmination of an all-encompassing business approach to manage and monitor all waste streams and examine all printing operations to eliminate isopropyl alcohols and dangerous products.

Therefore, F.P. PACK uses only low-odour and low-migration vegetable inks and LM coatings using automated feed with level detection on the offset machines. This meets the most stringent recommendations, specifically Swiss laws and Nestlé requirements.
The cartons we use come from certified factories with manufacturing tracking which guarantees that they use recycled material or all wood fibre.
This ensures that cartons are 100% recyclable.
The dampening systems in our machines are alcohol-free. In 2013, chemical-free offset plates replaced the traditional offset plates.

Our concern for the environment drives us to pursue continuous improvement.

To satisfy customer quality requirements, inspections are performed throughout the manufacturing process. Monitoring equipment on the machines provide information the operators use in their daily operations. Our complete quality approach is found in our quality manual, which is available on site. Our quality manual has received excellent ratings during quality audits by our customers.

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