Our Products


Our expertise and experience

We know our way around the packaging industry. F.P. PACK is a product-focused company.
We guide our customers to the best packaging solution for their needs. We have the technology and expertise to make your packaging ideas a reality.

We serve many different industries: food-processing, pharmaceutical, capital goods, wines and spirits, marketing agencies, promotional campaign planners, and anyone who needs cartons for packaging.
Our production lines produce at least 2.5 million packages daily.
Our full capacity is on the order of 3.5 million packages per day.
Many of our products are for distributors’ brands on behalf of major food-processing companies.

Why you can count on us ?

  • 2.5 million packages per day
  • Trusted by famous brands
  • Serving diverse industries
  • Top-quality, newest technology, maintained in excellent condition


They count on us