A word from the President


Since our beginning in 2002, our primary focus has been to create a production architecture that minimizes the environmental impact of our activity by improving performance and efficiency, and by reducing generated waste. The decision to build a new site designed specifically for our business activity allowed us to meet these objectives.

Our site has been Imprim’Vert (Green Printing) certified since 2008.

By investing in new machines from the start, and by replacing them every four years, we maintain our policy of efficiency, performance, and quality. Our investments are based not only on criteria for improving quality and speed, but also on environmental responsibility.

We produce packaging using recycled material or virgin fibres from sustainably managed forests. We use only low-odour and low-migration vegetable inks and LM coatings. We minimize effluents as much as possible, processing what we do emit with specially designed systems.

This policy is applied daily throughout the company. It assures our partners, employees, clients, and suppliers of our strong commitment to an eco-friendly approach and sustainable development, which has become essential.

“All for the environment today, and the environment for all tomorrow”